How do the pay-outs work when I sell clothes and when do I get paid?

For any item we can buy for the store, we pay 33% cash or 50% in-store trade on the spot.  We price items based on condition, brand, style, original retail value, buyer preference, season, etc.  You get paid right when your bag is done, just head over to the register with your slip before you leave.  

How do you decide what to take for the Exchange and the Outlets?
We make decisions based on what sells well for us here in this area.  We keep an eye on our inventory daily to see what is moving and what is not.  Our goal is to buy things that move quickly so we can keep our inventory fresh and amazing.
What sizes do you take?
We take all sizes including plus sizes, following the same criteria as above, we also take maternity.  For children’s clothing, we take size 12 months to 12/14 years, but be prepared to wait a few days to a week for those to get processed and please put them in a different bag with “kids” circled on the slip.  
Do you buy formal wear?

Near homecoming season and prom season we take some formal wear, it is left for the manager to make a decision on and is not priced very high due to all the access now to formal wear online that many are taking advantage of.

How much can I bring at one time?

We take one 13 gallon size bag per person, per drop-off, unless you have a kid’s bag as well you can bring that and leave it.  When you pick up the cash or credit for that bag, you can then leave another and so on.  If you are coming from out of town or have a special circumstance, please message us on facebook and we will be in touch.

Do you buy business wear?

We do buy some business wear, it just depends on the style.  Suits are a tougher sell, but we occasionally take them if they are modern.

How do I know how you're going to price things?
If you have time to look around the store, you will get a good idea of how we price items.  If you want to know exactly what we price each item at before they hit the floor, you need to write “CALL FIRST” on the drop off slip and we will explain each price of each item.  Also, if we deem the item to not be the best fit for the Exchange, but rather for the Outlets, we will price those items at $1 for the $5 Outlet items, or $.50 for the $$2.50 Outlet items.  
What does Beau Monde mean?
Beau Monde means fashionable society or the world of fashion.  It can also mean beautiful world.
What is a Beau Monde Outlet?

They are very similar to the Exchange as far as organization and style except that they are more like a bargain Beau Monde.  They carry most of the sections that the Exchange carries except for kids.  We do not carry children’s clothing at the Outlets except for occasional items on the $1 rack.  Nothing is ever priced over $5, and many items are 2 for $5.  They also host our famous $1 racks.  At every store, we put out fresh items every hour of every day.  One is in CDA by the $1 store and one in Post Falls by Papa Murphy’s.

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