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At Beau Monde Exchange, our low prices attract customers, but our tasteful, trendy products keep you coming back to discover what newly purchased surprises we have to offer. Our helpful sales associates are always on hand to point out new arrivals and to find items that you will love. Our drop-off and selling policies are straightforward and customer-friendly. We’re here to help you shop and/or sell!

What we look for.

Current, In-Season styles of mostly name brand clothing, shoes and accessories for Juniors, Women, Men and Kids (12 mos. to 12/14 yrs.) We also take shoes, jewelry, bras, scarves, sunglasses, purses, wallets, boots, backpacks, phone cases, etc.

What you receive in Exchange

We pay 33% of the selling price in cash or 50% of the selling price in in-store credit, as soon as your bag is gone through.  For items that we would pass on to sell at the Exchange, but are good enough for the Beau Monde Outlet, we pay $1 for those items (some tanks, bras, scarves, swimsuits 2 for $1) and take them to the $5 outlet to sell there.  It is located in CDA behind Texas Roadhouse next to the EVERYTHING IS $1 store. All items AT THE OUTLET are $5 or under, ALL THE TIME.

When You Get Your Cash Or Credit:

When your bag is gone through, we will immediately process your clothes to the floor unless you write, CALL FIRST on the drop-off slip.  If you do so, we will call to explain pricing on each item, otherwise you will just receive the total amount and the clothes will start getting processed.  If you do not get back to us within 24 hours after we call you on the CALL FIRST ITEMS, we will assume pricing is ok and put start putting them on the floor.  We do not wait for the item to sell, we pay you immediately and that is why we have to be so selective.  For various reasons, we can not accept items in suitcases, duffle bags, bins, boxes etc. and please take them off hangers before arriving to sell.  We require them to be clean, somewhat folded and put in a 13 gallon size or smaller bag with the top tied. Due to the massive volume of clothes being brought in every day, we limit the amount to one 13 gallon garbage bag size, per person, per day, unless special arrangements have been made.

Standards or Limitations To Buying Clothes:

Although you may see identical or similar merchandise on the floor, that does not mean we will automatically buy your item.  Many considerations go into whether or not we will be able to purchase the article from you and sometimes buyer’s opinions differ.

Length Of Time Before Bag Is Gone Through:

Our goal is to always try to get your bag done while you wait.  However, sometimes it is just not possible.  If you drop off, we will call or text you as soon as the bag is done.  Since only 2 employees processes kid’s clothes, sometimes those bags take up to a week.  We will CALL or TEXT YOU when it is done.  After there is contact made or we have left a message, you have 3 months to pick up your cash or credit then after that, it is donated to charity.  If you marked “take remaining clothes home”, please be sure to pick up left-overs within 2 days or we do have to move them along because of our limited storage space.  The other option is to mark “donate to Beau Monde and we will take care of that for you.  If you call and give us a reasonable time that you can be there to pick up remaining clothes if you marked “take home”, we will extend that deadline for you.

How To Drop Off Clothing: 

We pay CASH every day or IN-STORE CREDIT for items brought in (sometimes only specific items). Always call first to make sure we didn’t exceed our daily budget. 

All clothing/shoes/accessories must fit into one kitchen size garbage bag, unless special arrangements have been made.  Understanding the CALL FIRST OPTION  is very important. Upon arriving, fill out the Drop-Off form, make sure bag is tied and then clothespin the slip to your bag and put it on the grey metal shelf near the drop-off table.  We really appreciate you doing business with us.  Be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram and join our loyalty program at the exchange when checking out, for additional savings!    


We only pay CASH for items brought in from WED-SAT. We will only be giving out in-store credit for items SUN-TUES.

This gives us time to clean, organize, sort, process, train, etc.

Thank you for understanding and for bringing your clothes to us!  We really appreciate your business.

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